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Optical Zonu, Optical ZonuRon Stark, VP of Sales and Marketing,Optical Zonu
Optical Zonu’s Antenna Extender is a drop-in RF over Fiber connection between your BDA and off-air donor antenna. It permits placement of the antenna for optimum RF levels to the donor site while keeping the BDA close to the donation point without the limitations and loss of coaxial cable. With the Antenna Extender, the donor antenna can be up to 2,000ft (600m) from the BDA. It is filtered to eliminate out-of-band interference and no adjustments are needed. The Antenna Extender has two components, the Antenna Unit (located at the donation point), and the Equipment Unit (located at the BDA). This RF over Fiber solution gives the client a robust means of improving RF performance without impacting noise floor, improving service with a minimum impact to the RF “Noise Floor”. Your coverage concerns can run from a single room, too multiple rooms our Antenna Extender can easily address your needs. We have versions for the commercial US wireless bands, 700/800 MHz Public Safety and the EU bands.

The Antenna Extender is also available for distribution to multiple sites. A single off-air donor can be simulcast for up to eight locations with this RF-Over-Fiber connection. This is a filtered, multi-band solution for non-interfering coverage. We have versions that cover the US commercial wireless bands, 700/800 MHz Public Safety and the EU bands. This drop-in fiber optic solution requires no computer set up, so you are up and running in no time.

Small and mid-size venues often have wireless coverage problems that can be solved easily with an off-air bi-directional amplifier (BDA) or RF booster drive into indoor antennas. However, the required location for the donor antenna (off-air is outdoors) is too far away for coaxial cable to be practical. Optical Zonu’s Antenna Extender solves this problem by providing an easy-to-install fiber optic link between the donor antenna and BDA. The link consists of a compact Antenna Unit that connects to the donor antenna and a mechanically identical Equipment Unit that connects to the BDA. The two units are connected by a single strand of optical fiber to provide a robust RF connection for distances up to 3,000 ft.

The units require no adjustments and can be powered locally or remotely.

The two versions currently available are:

1. Commercial Cellular: 700MHz, 850 MHz Cellular, 1900 MHz PCS, 2100 MHz AWS, 2300 WCS bands 2. Public Safety: 700 MHz, 800 MHz

Each unit can be installed indoors or outdoors. For outdoor installations, Optical Zonu also provides the outdoor-rated fiber cable assembly to connect the units. This cable can be fiber-only or hybrid (fiber-copper), which includes the DC power connection for the Antenna Unit.

The Equipment Unit connects directly to any BDA with up link transmit power up to +24 dBm. The RF Antenna over fiber extender provides an essentially lossless down link RF connection with minimal impact on system sensitivity. RF connectors are rugged N-type. Single mode fiber is standard but there is an option to support multi mode fiber. We offer a broad range of Distributed Antenna System fiber link solutions.
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