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Optical Zonu Corporation specializes in unique fiber optic transport solutions for communication

Ron Stark, VP of Sales and Marketing, Optical ZonuRon Stark, VP of Sales and Marketing,Optical Zonu
Optical Zonu, the innovator in radio frequency transport over fiber (RFoF) for the cellular, defense and satellite industries, is based in Los Angeles CA.

We utilize fiber optic signal transport and build the electronics interface to and from the optical fibers. Producing a broad range of products and systems including wireless bands transported over fiber, secure Wi-Fi, GPS distribution in tunnels and infrastructure, patented fiber break location detection and more. We work closely with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, we also support clients like SpaceX, Boeing, The US Navy, NSA and more. We offer end to end solutions for defense contractors, system integrators and Wireless Carriers. We are the only GPS over Fiber solution approved by all 4 US cellular carriers.

Unique family of fiber optic SFP/SFP+ transceivers

Industry standard data transceiver are deployed in Switch, Router and Media Converter equipment, and more. OZC offers direct functional replacement with the additional capability to instantly detect, locate (within few meters) and report optical fiber faults to the NOC (network operations center) utilizing SNMP.

SFP/SFP+ transceivers are industry standard configurations of fiber optic digital data transport devices. OZC has added patented Micro-OTDR functionality – without limiting the data transport capabilities – which eliminates the Detection Time component (anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks) of the Mean-Time-to-Recovery (MTTR) from an optical fiber fault. This translates directly into significant cost savings for the Communications Service Provider (CSP), facilitating improved service levels and offering real competitive advantage.

Fiber optic transport solutions for Satcom communications

Satellite networks, commercial and military, require a simple replacement of coaxial cables between the Antenna(s) and Network Operation Center (NOC).

Coaxial cables are limited to ~300 feet and are rigid to install. Fiberoptic connectivity is the most convenient route to install. Our eFibersat™ provides a compact, highly reliable easy-to-install & maintain, cost-effective RFoF link between the antenna and the NOC for distances from 100m - to >10km with Ethernet and SNMP supervision.
Simply put, our system is a long-haul RF amplifier addressing Gain, NF, 1dB and IP3. Flexible/quick deployment of military frontline command centers that can be placed far away from the antenna. The savings when compared to structural support for coaxial runs is significant. These are just a few reasons for the wide deployment potential of eFibersat™.

Unique fiber optic coverage solutions for Satellite Phone:

Indoors Coverage for iridium, Globalstar, etc.

Satellite Phone networks were designed to offer voice communication worldwide via direct link between the user handset and the satellite constellation that supports the service. Indoors, without a direct line of sight to the sky, the service is hindered by walls and other structures. Optical Zonu offers complete solutions that enable users to communicate via the satellite network while in the building. Usage of Satellite phone has expanded for data services (military and civil) and tracking (cargo and sensitive equipment). OZC family of product allows fixed equipment (modems) to work indoors with fixed or wireless connectivity, as well as providing coverage to controlled indoor area(s) where anyone who subscribe to the service can use his/her handset.

Fiber optic transport solutions for microwave communications

Microwave signals are propagated over waveguide/coaxial cables to/from the antennas of radar, delay lines, Common Data Link (CDL), Satcom, and many other wireless systems. These signals are in different bands C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka-bands and pure wideband applications. Transport over fiber allows the connectivity path to take the most convenient route and not the route dictated by cabling. Waveguide/Coaxial cable is limited to ~ 300 feet. Our MW products provides compact, highly reliable, easy-to-install & maintain, cost-effective RFoF links, for distances from 100m to ~50km with Ethernet and SNMP (supervision) connectivity to boot. Our products support frequencies from few KHz range to >40GHz.

GPS Transport – timing solutions

Cellular networks require an extremely accurate timing reference, most use GPS for it. Cellular BaseStations have built-in GPS receivers. To provide indoor coverage e.g. high-rise buildings, stadiums, and so on, are generally installed in the least expensive space – the basement - which is too far from the rooftop location of the GPS antenna. Coaxial cable is limited to ~ 300 feet. Our GPS Fiber Transport provides a compact, highly reliable (automatic redundancy) easy-to-install & maintain, cost-effective RFoF link between the antenna and the BaseStation(s) for distances > 100m - up to more than 10km. Our patented signal transport is optimized for BaseStation GPS input and provides a simple method of distributing the GPS RF signal to the many radios collocated in the new, centralized network architectures (CRAN).

Unique fiber optic transport solutions for wireless/cellular communications: Cellular BaseStation(s) to/from DAS – universal transport

ZONUConnect provides a universal RF-Over-Fiber connection between any configuration of cellular base station radios and any Distributed Antenna System(s) (DAS). DAS are deployed in a buildings, airports, stadiums and other high user density venues to ensure uniform, robust cellular coverage throughout the indoor environment. There are several primary suppliers for these systems, each with their own unique architecture. ZONUConnect gives the wireless service provider a low-profile method of connecting to any third-party DAS from their own location using the minimum number of fibers (a cost) and the minimum rack space (another cost). The system is supported by full SNMP monitoring and a NMS application that enables automatic commissioning and gives the service provider 24/7 access to their radio equipment and keeps maintenance costs low.

For simple cellular indoor extension OZC offers the AntennaExtender line that connects an outdoor antenna to indoor antennas for coverage in warehouse, small building installations, etc.
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